—interview by Bianca Betancourt @bybiancabee

Sometimes the most intense love, the most memorable loves, is the type of love that’s the worst for us.

This concept is evident in Yazmin Fragoso’s latest project—Idée Fixe—a soon to be short film chronicling the ups and downs of an intense and exhausting abusive relationship.

Fragoso wrote, co-directed and stars in the upcoming project—a creative process that helped heal her from her own similar experience in which the film is based of off.

Below, we spoke with Fragoso about the inspiration behind the upcoming project and how she hopes it will help heal and motivate the women who watch it to love themselves before anyone else.

Tell us about the title of the film — Idée Fixe.

YF: Idée fixe means an obsession--Something that u desire and dominates your mind . So thinking of the characters Lily and Adam having the love they have for one another I thought that it was perfect.

Fragoso in Idée  Fixe. 

Fragoso in Idée  Fixe. 

What swayed you to decide that this was a short that needed to be told?

YF: The story told in this short film came from a very personal experience that i'm glad i actually came out of, i felt the need to use my voice and this blessed lesson to share it so I can teach others not to go through it or at least know it's okay if you do.

I love the fact you are directing this film, rather than a male dictating a woman’s trauma. What are the challenges of not only starring in but directing this film?

YF: I love every minute of the challenges I have a great team I’m working with to bring this baby together. But the challenges are always there. One is learning to have empathy for both of these characters. Seeing everyone's side of the story and trying to have an understanding can be very challenging when you're trying to play one the characters. Self discipline to know when to stand back and let go. Also learning how to put my pride aside and have faith—since I always have zero chill and want things done ASAP. Patience IS KEY!

Fragoso in Idée  Fixe. 

Fragoso in Idée  Fixe. 

Why do you believe women should support this campaign in order to fund this film? What do you hope they will take away from the finished story?

YF: I think most girls in their life have had a situation when they fall for someone who isn’t good for them. Some know how to get out of it, some don't. I want everyone to take a lesson from this and have an understanding that this type of love isn't okay, BUT it's okay to go through it. ALLOW YOURSELF TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. That goes to men as well. Have an understanding of what true love is...self love is real and if you don't have that you can be a good person to others.

Help bring Idée Fixe to life by contributing to the project's IndieGoGo, here. 


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