all photos by  Bianca Garcia  | models:   Prentis  (left) +  DJ King Marie  (right)

all photos by Bianca Garcia | models:  Prentis (left) + DJ King Marie (right)

—words by Bianca Betancourt @bybiancabee

When it comes to the politics of Chicago's creative scene, the only way to work—according to Windy City style heavyweights Tesha Brady (of Eugene Taylor Brand) and Olivia Goodman (of OG Brand)—is to work with your friends. This shared belief of theirs is front and center with their first collaborative collection—the monochromatic pieces are classic styles constructed from a tried and true fashion staple—denim—that mimics the durability, strength and lasting effects of friendship. 

The concept of collaboration came naturally to the longtime friends and for many, a project between the two was long overdue. The idea didn't just stem from the relationship between Brady and Goodman however—the two designers included longtime mutual friends of theirs (like The Social Experiment's Peter CottonTale and Greg "Stix" Landfair, photographer Bianca Garcia and DJ King Marie) who helped bring their designs and vision to life. 

Check out the official lookbook images below and shop the collection at


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