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In a world where social media takeover has become the beauty blogger's bounty and the days of internet friends and crushes seem long extinct, it's incredibly refreshing to stumble upon fellow females who share your same interests (like eating donuts at one in the morning for example or raving over the latest, greatest drugstore liquid lipstick). 

Amy Bottrill and Chloe Camp are the British vlogging duo behind The Cozy Girls—and online hub and safe space where women all over the internet can come and let their hair down. Through the girls' Youtube videos and inspiring Instagram, you can sit down, press play and feel as if you're talking with your own best friend regarding female centered issues that matter like self care, self acceptance, body image and more. 

We spoke with Chloe and Amy (via email because international roaming!) about what being a Cozy Girl means, how they met, and what's next for their continued takeover of the internet. 


BB: How did you two decide to start Cozy Girls? Why the name "Cozy Girls"?

Amy: The thought came to me when I was stuck in traffic at a red light. I always listen to podcasts when I drive, and there are a couple produced by girl duos that I really enjoy—I love the dynamic of two women with very different personalities chatting about stuff they care about! I had the idea that maybe Chloë and I could do something similar, but we settled on YouTube because it offers more creative freedom.

Chloë: We called it Cozy Girls because our whole philosophy is basically about comfort, both physical—we both have a passion for cozy clothes and places!— but also mental—in the sense that being emotionally comfortable, cozy and confident is really important too.

BB: How long have you two known each other? 

Amy: I used to stalk Chlo on Myspace! She doesn’t remember me but I read all her bulletins and an old blog she used to write. It was a total girl crush which is funny because we’re like sisters now. Somehow I followed her onto Twitter and eventually got her to pay attention to me—we met and the rest is history

Chloë: Yeah, Amy popped up on my Twitter radar in about 2009 and we were internet friends for a bit but we finally met in 2010 at a Wu Tang gig and we’ve been pretty much joined at the hip ever since! I think it’s so funny that she lurked me while I was completely unaware all the while, but I’m glad she finally pinned me down because I don’t know what I’d do without her now.

BB: Why do you think the concept of "self-care" is so prevalent now more than ever?

Amy: The internet and social media have allowed people who feel alone to express that—and find support from strangers when they don’t necessarily want to talk to family or friends about their mental health. To be honest, young women on Twitter have taught me more about looking after myself than any doctor has. Life is hard and we are constantly bombarded with information about terrible things happening. It might be superficial but if a beauty ritual like a scented candle and a face mask can temporarily ease that anxiety, it’s valuable.

Chloë: I think it’s really important to have some self-soothing mechanisms that you can bring into play when you’re feeling overwhelmed and I totally agree with Amy about being overloaded with bad news all the time. It’s easy to get caught up in that but you have to remember that sometimes putting yourself and your emotional and physical needs first is necessary.

BB: Do you both have a morning routine? If so, what is it?

Amy: I am not a morning person at all and I can be super lazy! So if I have somewhere to be early I make sure I shower and wash my hair the night before, then I do the most simple makeup possible and run out the door (I’m usually running late!). I’d rather have an extra half an hour to snooze in bed than look perfect.

Chloë: I’m not much of a morning-lover either but I like to experiment with my makeup so unlike Amy, I quite like getting up a little bit earlier to play around with new products and looks. I’ve been trying to make a habit of eating breakfast recently so I usually have something like avocado on toast to get me going even though it seems totally counterintuitive because I’ve never been a breakfast person before now!

Amy: Oh my god yes, breakfast is my #1 priority, I need eggs and/or carbs before I can do anything else.

BB: Both you two have flawless makeup. What are some of your must have products right now? 

Amy: We actually just made a video about this! I have simple tastes but I’m really into highlighting/strobing right now- anything that makes you look radiant and glowing is a winner. We have a UK drugstore brand called Revolution that do amazing cheap palettes and dupes of high-end products. I’m finding myself moving away from high-end luxury brands and exploring all the affordable products out there—brands like NYX have changed the game for me.

Chloë: I’m obsessed with Sleek’s liquid illuminator for summer and I’ve also really been into glossy lips recently. I think matte lips were cool for winter but I’m definitely feeling a move towards glossy now. I’m also really into the NYX brow pomade (Amy put me on to it)! Mehron Setting Powder is a must for summer too, because it contains an antiperspirant and helps to avoid the dreaded sweaty upper lip area.

BB: Where do you want to take Cozy Girls next? 

Amy: I’d personally love to organise collaborations with other cool women working on cool creative projects. I get inspired when I see girls being bosses and making things happen for themselves! To me, Cozy Girls is about way more than just the two of us sitting in my bedroom, I’d love for it to be a movement that inspires other people to feel comfortable in themselves.

Chloë: Yes, collaborations are definitely on my ‘want to do’ list. For me, the most important thing is helping people who might be having a bit of a rubbish day, whether it’s making someone laugh with something silly like the no mirror makeup challenge or helping somebody to feel like their problems are relatable and valid and, most importantly, a little more bearable with one of our slightly more serious videos. If we even help one person to have a slightly better day, that’s job done for me.

You can keep up with Amy and Chloe and all of the Cozy Girls happenings by subscribing to their Youtube channel here and following them on Instagram here

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